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Every RLH is listed in one of the tables below, depending on status. Click on hyperlinked fleet numbers (if available) for more information on last status report date, location and photos, and sometimes bus histories.

The former Midland General ONU buses can be found on a separate page.

The individual identification numbers given to every RLH (chassis, body etc) can be found in a separate table.

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Survivors: 40 out of 76 (53%)

Survivors of Known Identity

LT Fleet
Last Reported Status Last Reported Location
RLH 3Not operationalCalifornia, USA
RLH 4Not operationalLouisiana, USA Updated!
RLH 6Not operationalWisconsin, USA Updated!
RLH 7DerelictUtah, USA Updated!
RLH 8OperationalPennsylvania, USA
RLH 9DerelictMichigan, USA
RLH 14OperationalPennsylvania, USA
RLH 15Not operationalOregon, USA
RLH 18DerelictUtah, USA
RLH 20Not operationalNew Hampshire, USA
RLH 21Not operationalCalifornia, USA
RLH 22OperationalMissouri, USA
RLH 23Operational, CommercialUK
RLH 24OperationalSwitzerland
RLH 25Not OperationalTexas, USA
RLH 28Not operationalCalifornia, USA Updated!
RLH 29Dismantled, partly rebuiltUK
RLH 30Not operationalWashington state, USA
RLH 31UnknownOhio, USA
RLH 32OperationalUK Updated!
RLH 34DerelictCalifornia, USA
RLH 35Not OperationalSwitzerland
RLH 38Partly operationalAlabama, USA
RLH 39Under restorationArizona, USA Updated!
RLH 41Operational, CommercialAlabama, USA
RLH 44OperationalUK Updated!
RLH 45Operational, CommercialNew Zealand
RLH 48OperationalUK Updated!
RLH 50OperationalNew Zealand
RLH 52Not operational, plinthedVirginia, USA
RLH 53OperationalUK Updated!
RLH 54Under restorationGermany Updated!
RLH 57Partly operationalCalifornia, USA
RLH 60Not operationalOregon, USA Updated!
RLH 61Operational, CommercialUK Updated!
RLH 62Under restorationMaryland, USA
RLH 65OperationalMississippi, USA
RLH 69OperationalUK Updated!
RLH 70Under restorationTexas, USA
RLH 71OperationalUK Updated!

Uncertain Survivors: 11 out of 76 (14%)

Fortunately, the RLH bodies and chassis were always kept in the same pairing following overhauls by London Transport. To identify an RLH from the various plates and numbers on the vehicle, click here.

LT Fleet
RLH 11Furniture store, Beaufort, South Carolina, USA 1978. Licence number SC6213
RLH 13Holland, 1978
RLH 19Atlanta, Georgia, USA 1974
RLH 27Beaufort, S.Carolina, USA 1978. Licence SC6212
RLH 40London, UK 1965
RLH 42London, UK 1968
RLH 43Denver, Colarado, USA 1971
RLH 49Firenza, Italy, 1972
RLH 63Diamond Beach, New Jersey, USA 1977
RLH 68Williamsburgh, Virginia, USA 1976
RLH 74Atlanta, Georgia, USA 1972

Probably Scrapped: 11 out of 76 (14%)

LT Fleet
Last Report
RLH 1Sold for scrap in Essex, UK in 1969
RLH 2Presumed Scrapped from previous resting place in New Jersey, USA
RLH 12Sold for scrap in Preston, UK in 1971
RLH 26Hawaii, USA, sold for scrap by 1985
RLH 33Hawaii, USA, sold for scrap by 1985
RLH 36Hawaii, USA, sold for scrap by 1985
RLH 46Langley, British Columbia, Canada, sold for scrap late 1980s
RLH 47Hawaii, USA, sold for scrap by 1985
RLH 51Middlesex, UK, 1971
RLH 59Atlanta, Georgia 1974. Badly damaged in accident 1969.
RLH 73Germany 1998. Presumed scrapped by 2002

Definitely Scrapped: 14 out of 76 (18%)

LT Fleet
Last Report
RLH 5London, UK 1969
RLH 10Staffordshire, UK 1971
RLH 16Body scrapped, Fort Wallington, near Fareham, UK 1970
RLH 17Barnsley, UK 1971
RLH 37Hunts., UK 1969
RLH 55Sold for scrap in Yorkshire, UK in 1972
RLH 56Canvey Island, UK 1970 Updated!
RLH 58Sold for scrap in Yorkshire, UK in 1972
RLH 64Sold for scrap in Yorkshire, UK in 1972
RLH 66Sold for scrap in Yorkshire, UK in 1972
RLH 67Sold for scrap in Yorkshire, UK in 1972
RLH 72Sold for scrap in Yorkshire, UK in 1972
RLH 75Chicago USA 1984 (derelict), since disposed of
RLH 76Scrapped UK, 2008

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