RLH 30


October 2014

Camano Island, Washington state.

Bus was purchased in 2013.

Photo © G. Rickard/ F. Klein


September 2011

Bothell, Seattle, Washington state

Photo © B. Martin


February 2011

Seattle, Washington state

Photo © A. Hensley, used with permission

October 2010 - listed for sale twice on Ebay (no bids)


November 2009

Lynwood, Washington state

Interior view, showing upper deck floor removed and gallery

Photo by Chance Wolf, used with permission

August 2007 - Location as below


February 2007

Location as below

Photo by 'Wendy House' from Flickr.com and licenced for non-commercial re-use

August 2005 - Dream Weaver's Bead Shop, Country Village, Bothell (state route 527), Washington state.

March 2001- in use on Highway 527 North of Bothell, Washington as a bead shop


(First half of) 1999

Bothell, Washington State, USA

Photo by and with permission of Janet Foley



Near Everett, Washington State, USA

Photo by and with permission of David Ballantine

1967 - Carried to America on the deck of the last voyage of R.M.S. Queen Mary from Southampton (departing on the 31st October) to Long Beach (arriving 9th December) along with RLH 7


Passing under the low bridge at Oxted station, on route 410

1952: RLH 30 was built, painted in green for use in the London Transport country area.

UK registration number: MXX 230. For other identifying numbers (chassis, body etc) please see this table.

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