Built: 1952

RLH 32 worked within the Country area of London Transport throughout its career, painted green with cream waistband.

Entering service in October 1952, it was based at Guildford garage for the first five years. Apart from a brief spell at Godstone, Addlestone garage was then home until withdrawal in July 1970.

From the first day of 1970, it was owned by London Country Bus Services, and later bore a revised fleet name 'LONDON COUNTRY' in the old LT gold style. In June 2005, 35 years after withdrawal, RLH 32 was painted with London Country yellow fleet names, 'flying polo mint' logo and waist band as a 'might have been'- to represent what the small fleet of London Country RLHs would have looked like, had they continued in service for a little longer. This was the same colour scheme applied to green London Country RTs of the period.

After being stored at Garston garage, the bus was painted blue and used from 1971 by Lesney Products, to transport staff.

RLH 32 was sold to the London Bus Preservation Group, Surrey, in October 1974, and resold the next year for use as a caravan. Fortunately this conversion was not undertaken, although the bus was painted red for the first time.

In November 1976 the bus was secured for preservation by the Modelstone Bus Club and kept in the North West Transport Museum, St. Helens, Merseyside. It visited Holland for the Tulip rally near Amsterdam in March 1980, and was soon after restored to original green colours.

RLH 32 was purchased by D. Pring of Timebus Travel (now known just as Timebus) in July 1997.

In 2007, the vehicle was painted in the blue and ivory colours of Samuel Ledgard, to re-create the appearance of the four (other) RLHs which operated north of Leeds until 40 years ago.

RLH 32 goes to a sprinkling of special events during the year and provides free rides to the public along with other heritage buses. For a confirmation of where RLH 32 is definitely going to attend, please see the home page or contact Timebus online.


8th May 2016

Staines upon Thames

Laying over between duties on route 461 to Walton

Photo © E. Pring


1st August 2010

Near Walton, Surrey

Route 461 was being re-created by RLHs on this date as part of the RLH40 commemoration.

Photo © T. Drake


14th October 2007


40th anniversary of Samuel Ledgard closure, re-created route to Guiseley

Photo by P. Larkham


19th June 2005

Chertsey station

Special free service to Cobham Bus Museum, for 1950s running day

Photo by E. Pring


19th June 2005

Near 6 ways roundabout

Special free service from Chertsey Station to Cobham Bus Museum, for 1950s running day

Photo by E. Pring


13th October 2002


Route 436 recreation, 'RLH50' event

Photo by E. Pring


6th October 2002

Amersham 'low' bridge

Amersham bus rally day and 'RLH50' event

Photo by John Crawford



At bus rally, Amersham station

Photo by E. Pring



Fifield, Near Windsor, Berkshire

Photo by E. Pring



Departure from St. Helens Transport Museum

Photo by E. Pring


7th September 1980

Staines, with RLH 23, 461 route rerun


2nd August 1980

461A route rerun


March 1980

With RLH 29 at the Tulip rally, Amsterdam, Holland.

Photo by B. Gentle


17th October 1975

Ham Common


18th April 1973

Lesney's, Hackney

© D. Pring


24th September 1971



7th August 1971

Osbourne's, Tollesbury


30th June 1969

Addlestone Garage

Photo © D. Pring

UK registration number: MXX 232

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