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Lesney Products of Hackney, London E9 made the famous Matchbox toy models. They used a sizable fleet of double decker buses to bring staff to and from work from the local area, through most of the 1960s and 1970s. This included RTs, non-London bus types and four RLHs over the course of time, which were painted blue;

LT fleet number Lesney fleet number Dates
RLH 14 61 10/71 to 9/72
RLH 21 66 6/73 to 10/74
RLH 32 63 9/71 to 10/74
RLH 45 64 9/71 to 10/72

The RLHs' low height proved useful for passing under the same low bridge, on Carpenter's Road, for which RLHs were used on route 178.
lesney/jpg 18/04/1973
RLH 32 outside a Lesney factory

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