RLH 70

August 2018 - bus with new owner T. Taylor in Dallas, Texas, USA by this time. Under restoration outside a workshop.


November 2017

Canyon Country, Santa Clarita, CA

Photo © Bob Martin


September 2009

Valencia, California, USA


May 2005

Los Angeles, California, USA

Photo © by, and used with permission of, Bob Martin

September 2001- Vehicle towed away from above location, possibly to repair the engine


November 1998

Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

Photo © E. Pring

May 1991- Pictured on Flickr at a Scottish festival in Anaheim, California

1952: RLH 70 was built, painted in red for use in the London Transport central area.

UK registration number: MXX 270. For other identifying numbers (chassis, body etc) please see this table.

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