March 2020

Waterford, Wisconsin, USA

Mechanical work starts in the workshop

Photo © R. Beck

7th February 2020 - sold to R. Beck of Waterford, Wisconsin and planned to be transported there soon


January 2020

St. Clair, Near St. Louis, Missouri, USA

With RTL 755 (on the right. This bears an apparent UK registration plate of KGK 786 as used on RTL 122, but the old UK registration number for RTL 755 was KYY 725).

These buses were for sale at the time

Photo © G. Nicholas


March 1999

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Carrying licence plate OFX 381 on the rear

Photo © E. Pring


September 1972

At the Cheshire Inn and Lodge, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Carrying licence plate 464-002 on the front

Photo © D. Pring

8/1968 - Exported (from Cardiff Docks) to Ye Olde Kansas City Touring Assoc, Kansas City, MO, USA along with sister RLH 8.

4/1968 - Sold to a dealer. Converted with platform doors and different rear lights.


Between 1965 and 1967

Otley Bus Station, Yorks, UK

Photo © M. King

1/1965 - Purchased by independent operator Samuel Ledgard of Leeds

1950: RLH 6 was built, painted in green for use in the London Transport country area.

UK registration number: KYY 506. For other identifying numbers (chassis, body etc) please see this table.

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