RLH 66

Entries are in reverse date order.

1972: Sold for scrap in Yorkshire


16th April 1971

In convoy (with RLH 64 and RLH 61 behind) southbound under the (high) railway bridge over Chapman Road on the last day of RLH service

© David Pring


Between 1965 and 1971

On route 178, destination on blind reads Dalston Garage

© C. Stannard


Between 1956 and 1958

Turning in St Helier on route 127. The photograph contains two black masks obscuring the driver and bonnet number, suggesting it might have been used in LT publicity.

Photo author unknown.

1952: RLH 66 was built, painted in red for use in the London Transport central area.

UK registration number: MXX 266. For other identifying numbers (chassis, body etc) please see this table.

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