Sold for scrap in Essex, UK in November 1969 - bus is therefore presumed scrapped.


Between 1962 and 1964

Station Road, Upminster, running on route 248. Roomes Stores can be seen behind, this has now been replaced by a modern building but Roomes continues to trade on the other side of Branfill Road (left side of photo).

Photo © C. Stannard

November 1956: RLH 1 became one of only eight RLHs which changed from green to red with London Transport, in the course of an overhaul, after which it moved garage allocation to the Central area; to Harrow Weald.

1950: RLH 1 was built, painted in green for use in the London Transport country area.

UK registration number: KYY 501. For other identifying numbers (chassis, body etc) please see this table.

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