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RLH 48

Built: October 1952
Chassis number: 9613E 6970
Body number: 5551
LT body number: 8059
UK registration number: MXX 248
396-550-m-w/jpg 19th April 2015

Brooklands Museum, Surrey

Just after handover of bus to the London Bus Museum

© E. Pring

December 2014: Sale agreed from Mr R. Proctor to the London Bus Museum (Surrey), which now hopes to raise funds and take delivery in Spring 2015. This will be the second time the London Bus Preservation Group has owned the vehicle, the first time being 40 years previous (see below).
385-0955-cwgm/jpg 6th October 2013

Chorleywood, on route 336 recreation.

© E. Pring

356-701cmw/jpg 1st August 2010

Addlestone, Surrey. Route 461 was being re-created by RLHs on this date as part of the RLH40 commemoration.

© E. Pring

342-0819-m/jpg 10th August 2008

Leaving Worcester Park station forecourt, recreating route 127 for a running day

© E. Pring

PHOTO 19th June 2005

Cobham Bus Museum, Surrey- about to enter service on free route 436 to Chertsey Station, in connection with 1950s running day

© E. Pring

photo 13th October 2002
Former site of Addlestone Works (with RLH 23), 'RLH 50' event, route 461 recreation
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© D. Pring. Click to enlarge
photo 13th October 2002
Kenton Library, 'RLH 50' event, route 230 recreation
© John Crawford. Click to enlarge
PHOTO June 2002

Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

© E. Pring

PHOTO June 1997

St. Albans Bus Garage, Hertfordshire (581 J behind)

© E. Pring

rlh29-48-23-osf-ep-filma6-00-deinked-s/jpg 9th April 1989

inside Addlestone garage, with RLHs 29 and 23

© E. Pring

May 1984: Mr. Richard Proctor purchased the bus. Over the next 5 years, he completely restored it to how it would have looked (if in pristine condition!) circa 1960. Mr. Proctor went to school on RLH 48 when it was based at Amersham garage between 1952 and 1954.
NSF view March 1981

Europa Hotel, Brussels

© B. Gentle

In 1975 it went on promotional work for Johnnie Walker (whisky) in Belgium, painted red (as seen above). It was used to attend trade fairs and drive passengers around during this time. It returned to the UK annually for examination and testing, until the winter of 1983.
lbc/jpg Late 1974 or early 1975

Uxbridge station (London Underground, Metropolitan Line)

Author unknown

July 1974: bought by the London Bus Preservation Group (at Cobham Bus Museum) and leased to LBC (London Broadcasting) for promotional work, painted yellow (as seen above).
1971-09-24-whippets-hilton-dp-m-w/jpg September 1971

At the base of Whippet Coaches, Hilton

© D. Pring

September 1965: sold to Whippet Coaches of Hilton (near Huntingdon) (along with RLH 37 and RLH 38), where it was mainly used on school contract work (as seen above) and later as a breakdown tow bus.

RLH 48 started service at Amersham garage on route 336. It then moved on to 5 other garages in its 13 year life with London Transport. This means it holds the joint record (with RLH 41) for having been based at the highest number of RLH garages.

The vehicle also holds the record for having operated on the maximum number of routes which actually required lowbridge vehicles of any RLH (9 out of 12), including short spells relieving red vehicles on 2 of the Central area routes at Hornchurch and Dalston garages. It did, however, remain in green livery throughout this time.

The bus was also unusual in that it was one of only twelve RLHs to only receive two overhauls; most of the fleet received three.

It was withdrawn from LT in December 1964 and stored.

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