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Last London Lowbridge Bus Service 25th Anniversary - Saturday 13th April 1996

To commemorate 25 years since the last London lowbridge bus service, route recreations were held on route 178 with RLH 23 and RLH 48. RF 453 also took part on route 208.

153-28-rlh48-rlh23-rf453-rms-clapton-pond-s/jpg RLH 48, RLH 23 and RF453 at the Clapton Pond terminus, with 2 Routemasters on service route 38 at the rear
153-30-rlh23-rf453-victoria-ph-chapman-rd-s/jpg RLH 23 and RF453 on Chapman Road, with the Victoria pub in the centre rear
153-31-rlh48-chapman-rd-s/jpg RLH 48 on Chapman Road
153-32-rlh23-corner-post-lane-and-white-post-lane-s/jpg RLH 23 on the corner of Hepscott Road and White Post Lane, outside the former Lord Napier public house
153-35-rlh23-rf453-rlh48-carpenters-rd-lowbridge-s/jpg RLH 23 and RF 453 wait whilst RLH 48 braves the Carpenters Road lowbridge
153-36-rlh23-rlh48-rf453-well-st-maryland-stn-s/jpg RLH 23 and RLH 48 display 'Greyhound Special - Hackney Stadium / Maryland Station' blinds in Well St, Maryland Station. RF453 on route 208 at the rear
All photographs on this page © E. Pring 1996
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