RLH 64

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Vehicle was withdrawn after last day of use as below, stored at Poplar for over a year, before being sold to Wombwell Diesels, near Barnsley, Yorkshire for scrap in September 1972. The collision damage to the offside front wing, visible in the photo below, may well have been a deciding factor in the decision to scrap rather than export this vehicle.


16th April 1971

Maryland Station

With RLH 61 and RLH 66 behind, on the last day of RLH operation on route 178.

Photo © of R. Smith, used with permission

November 1955: A series of official photographs of the bus were taken for LT, with route 230 blinds, to represent a second batch RLH. These photographs are available from the archives at the London Transport Museum.

1952: RLH 64 was built, painted in red for use in the London Transport central area.

UK registration number: MXX 264. For other identifying numbers (chassis, body etc) please see this table.

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