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September 2017

Cazadero, California, USA

Photo © A. Herman


September 2015

Bodega Bay, California, USA

Photo © A. Koch


September 2010

California, USA

Photo © N. Eadon-Clarke

Offside front

September 2009

Santa Rosa, California, USA

Photo © B. Martin

May 2005 - located near Santa Rosa, under cover

November 2003 - no longer at location below

Front nearside

September 1999

Santa Rosa, California, USA

Photo © E. Pring

Offside front


Southview Drive, near South Woodford (George Lane) Station, operated by Super Coaches (aka Upminster & District)

Photo © R. Wilkinson

Nearside front

May 1963

Pictured on route 336, leaving Rickmansworth Station

Photo used with permission of Omnicolour (full size print available from Omnicolour)

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