RLH 15


September 2011

Rogue River, Oregon, USA

Photo © B. Martin


April 2007

Rogue River, Oregon, USA

No longer in use as a coffee shop

Photo © S. McFadden

September 2003- Roadside coffee shop near Medford/Gold Hill, Oregon, USA


October 2002

Portland, Oregon, USA

Vehicle for sale on ebay.com as coffee shop. Branded down the side as 'Double Espresso Bus'.

December 2001 - Still with same owner in Portland, Oregon, USA


December 1998

Portland, Oregon, USA

The upper deck has been fitted with curved glass (or translucent plastic) up to the roof line, for better views

Photo © E. Pring


March 1979

In service with British Double Decker Tours, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Photo © and used with permission of John Royle

From 1965 to 1967, the bus was operated by Super Coaches of Upminster.

1950: RLH 15 was built, painted in green for use in the London Transport country area.

UK registration number: KYY 515. For other identifying numbers (chassis, body etc) please see this table.

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