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All 10 vehicles are listed in one or more of the below category tables depending on status. Click on the hyperlinked registration numbers for more information on last status report date, location and photos, and the histories of each bus.

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Survivors 4/10 (40%)

Survivors of Known Identity

 Registration Number   Last Reported Status  Last Reported Location
ONU 631Chicago, USA
ONU 632California, USA
ONU 638OperationalCalifornia, USA
ONU 636OperationalMissouri, USAUpdated!

Survivors of Unknown Identity

 Registration Number   Status  Country
Unknownseen in a scrapyard in Chicago, USA around 1986

Uncertain Survivors 4/10 (40%)

 Registration Number   Reports
ONU 630Delaware, USA 1968
ONU 633California, USA
ONU 635South Carolina, USA 1968
ONU 637Baltimore, Maryland, USA 1968

Presumed Scrapped 1/10 (10%)

 Registration Number   Last Report
ONU 639Withdrawn 1966, two years before the rest of the fleet

Definitely Scrapped 1/10 (10%)

 Registration Number   Last Report
ONU 634Scrapped in UK 1968

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