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ONU 638

8160/jpg September 2007 - Sold from a scrapyard outside of Davis, the bus was got going and driven to a new home in the San Francisco Bay area. As of June 2008, plans include restoring and running the bus are progressing well.

Photo copyright J. Winslow

December 2004 - No longer at location below
Photo of bus September 2002

Redlands, CA, USA

Said to have been here for around 10 years, and previously used by a travelling theatre company

Photo by, and used with permission of, Brian Coney

By September 1985 - with Argon Oil, Redlands, CA, USA
October 1968 - with Newport National Bank, Newport Beach, CA, USA also reported with J.L. Woodford Junior, Newport Beach, CA, USA
7/1968 - P.V.S. (Dealer), Canvey Island, UK

1968 - Withdrawn

Photo of bus May 1963

Pictured in Mansfield, in service on Midland General route C3

Photo used with permission of Omnicolour (full size print available from Omnicolour)

3/1950 - Delivered new

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