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ONU 631

6/1991 - known to still be with Chicago Motor Coach Co.
Photo 9/1984
Pictured at Chicago Pier
with Chicago Motor Coach Co., Chicago, USA as a red open top bus No. 509
Photo circa August 1984

During conversion to open top

photo July or August 1984

Chicago, USA

RLH 75 next to ONU 631 (ONU 631 was about to be converted to open top)

Photo by Unknown Author
Unknown date - Sold on to an unidentified owner, Michigan, USA
1969 - British Promotions (dealer), Boston, Massachusetts, USA for promotional work
7/1968 - P.V.S. (Dealer), Canvey Island, UK
Painted in fake LT red livery and given false fleet number RLH90

1968 - Withdrawn

4/1950 - Delivered new

N.B. In 12/2001, Two photos of this bus were on display in office of Gateway Double Decker Tours, Long Island City, New York, USA.
Bus in red livery, taken somewhere in USA, early 1970s.

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