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RLH 54

December 2015

Mainz, Germany

Bodywork restoration continues apace

© M. Fischer

April 2015

Mainz, Germany

Replacement of rusted bodywork under the exterior panels

© M. Fischer

dsc1699-m-w/jpg March 2015

Mainz, Germany

Before repair work begins

© M. Fischer

dsc0201-m-w/jpg Approx Early March 2015

Near Brussels.

Recently sold and planned to move to a new owner in Germany. There are no seats fitted, and a bar downstairs.

© M. Fischer

2012-06-m/jpg June 2012

Near Brussels, with the London Gallery

June 2010
Reported stored in a barn in Belgium.
November 1996
with Promobus International SA, Waterloo, Belgium
Has folding platform doors. Painted red. Still registered ANC 013
October 1984
Photographed by Trevor J Ryall in a Brussels square, owned by Promobus and promoting Ikea. With a new, raisable, roof fitted, resulting in a squarer appearance to the tops of the upstairs windows. Painted red. Registered ANC 013
med/jpg August 1980

De Panne, Belgium

Still registered K.413.B.

1976-08/jpg August 1976

Bredene, Belgium

With sliding platform door. Registered K.413.B.

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