RLH 27

circa 1989: believed moved from location in Beaufort, not heard of since

1978: Den of Antiquity furniture store, Beaufort, S.Carolina, USA. Licence plate SC6212

1972: Part of the Massey Junior College (Atlanta, Georgia, USA) Fleet.

13th June 1969: operated the final RLH journey on route 230


Unknown date, between 7/1968 and 6/1969

at Rayners Lane Station on route 230

Photo taken from londonbusscene e-group. No copyright attached to original. Author unknown. If the author wishes to assert ownership of this image, please contact us.


21st April 1966

passing under the arched low bridge at Merstham on route 447, followed by an RF


Between 1963 and 1968

Parked in Redhill on route 447

© C. Stannard

1952: RLH 27 was built, painted in green for use in the London Transport country area.

UK registration number: MXX 227. For other identifying numbers (chassis, body etc) please see this table.

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