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Routemaster Hire

Featuring bus hire using: Open Topper with Doors. Featuring bus hire using: Routemaster Express. Featuring bus hire using: Open Topper with Doors.
Routemaster bus front view

Let us provide our beautifully restored red London Routemaster buses for your event transport in London and Southeast England. Your guests will love the classic bus experience as they relax on expertly driven double decker Routemasters. Our fleet of traditional buses are for hire at weddings, tours, proms and promotions.

Why Timebus?

We provide Routemaster hire utilising three types of bus:

Routemaster Express

2 available. With better comfort, faster speed, entrance doors, 57 seats. Lower cost (£).

Open Platform Routemaster

5 available. With closed roof, hop-on entrance, conductor, 64/72 seats. Medium cost (££).

Open Topper with Doors

1 available in Summer. With mostly open top roof, 60 seats. Higher cost (£££).

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We don't just hire Routemasters - discover our older London vehicles for travel, and our Routemasters for static hire.

Routemaster buses are not all the same! Above you can see the variants we offer. They are all red, double deck, with the engine next to the cab at the front.

The Open Platform Routemaster and the open top Routemaster come with a team of two crew; driver and bus conductor. The conductor looks after passenger safety and comfort.

The Routemaster Express has doors and so is driver only operated, reducing the hire price, but still retains the same iconic outside appearance.

Click through to the pages for each bus type and you'll find further description, photos inside and out, and a link to a gallery of many more images.