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Open Topper with Doors

Open Topper with Doors; offside three quarter view

This open top Routemaster bus will add extra enjoyment for everybody, as part of it has been taken away! Thoughtful conversion to 'topless' makes this vehicle the ideal choice to hire for a sightseeing tour (perhaps with a London guide) or architectural survey.

A bright red open top double decker always draws attention to itself and any people on top, making it supreme for promotional campaigns on city streets.

From their commanding vantage point on top, passengers can enjoy the superb view, which is also ideal for photography and television productions. The front and rear sections retain a roof to provide shelter against wind and rain.

Our 'Open Topper with Doors' is fitted with electric doors for enhanced security. There is also an internal

public address system[Definition: Hand held microphone connected to speakers throughout bus interior.]

, luggage rack and

servery[Definition: Counter top located inside near bus entrance, useful for preparing drinks and snacks on.]


There are 24 seats downstairs, and 36 seats upstairs, making a total of 60. All seats comprise comfortable, deep cushions; even on the open top deck (unlike modern open toppers!).


conductor[Definition: Second crew member, alongside driver of bus. Looks after passenger safety, timekeeping, customer care, issuing any Souvenir Tickets. Always provided on Open Platform vehicles carrying passengers.]

is provided; for passengers' safety, comfort and convenience. He or she is available during the journey and can issue Souvenir Tickets from a period mechanical ticket machine as an optional service.

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Top deck looking forward Top deck looking back Lower deck Left side view, with dogs

This bus can also be booked for our competitively priced, fixed itinerary Timebus Tourer guided London tour.

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Weather Conditions

This bus is available for hire between April and October only. If inclement weather arrives or is forecast:

Our Open Topper with Open Platform is also available; for static use such as in indoor exhibition halls or outdoor events.