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Static Bus Hire

Our buses for static hire ('Timebus Space') are dedicated to this role and available over short periods (typically, 1 day up to a few weeks).

Our clients use these customised buses to be noticed and remembered at events.

The interiors are smartly decorated, clean and ready for the various uses described below.

Key Features

Open Topper with Open Platform, inside Earl's Court

All of the Timebus Space fleet feature;

Our corporate and public sector clients save the expense of purchasing or fully customising a vehicle- which may only be required for a few days a year! Instant set-up means no need to erect stands, marquees or crane in portable buildings.

An experienced Timebus driver will deliver our vehicle, ensure it is clean and positioned for your stationary use.


Further information, layouts and photographs of each vehicle can be found from these links:

Exhibition Bus

Closed top Routemaster. Features doors, cinema, displays and galley.

Open Topper with Open Platform

Routemaster with fully open roof. 44 seats over 2 levels.

Control Bus

Closed top, with door. 4 seats in downstairs reception, 6 to 8 seats upstairs.

Locations and Uses

Indoor Exhibition Halls

Wedding Show at EXCEL

Booked stand space at a trade or consumer show? These buses can drive into ExCeL (London), Olympia (London) and the NEC (Birmingham). We recommend our Open Topper with Open Platform.

Possible uses for the inside of the bus at an exhibition are:

Outdoor Events

Exhibition Bus

Running a public or community event, festival or staging a roadshow?

Possible uses for the inside of the bus are:

At Your Office

Open Topper lower saloon

In need of some extra space for a short time? We recommend our Control Bus for...

Staff training can be provided through video or live presentation on our Exhibition Bus.

If you would like an estimate for a static vehicle hire, the next step is to contact us with full details.

We also provide buses for carrying passengers, please see our Buses for Travel fleet.