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Souvenir Tickets

Bus conductor wearing ticket machine in harness

For a tickety-boo memento to take home, our conductor can issue individual bus tickets to each passenger from a genuine 1950s hand operated mechanical 'Gibson' ticket machine. These were used by London Transport bus conductors, mostly on Routemasters, from the 1950s to the 1980s.

Included on the tickets, the machines can print either*;

* subject to availability of correct machine.

Close up of Gibson machine

Souvenir Tickets are an additional service, available for a small extra charge (not available with Routemaster Express or Regal Four vehicles).

Please ensure you tick the 'Souvenir Tickets' option if you make an online quotation request with us.

Our conductor will try to issue the tickets at your guests' seats if time and space allows, or otherwise during boarding or alighting.

Sample ticket for route 73, class ORD, stage boarded 18
Samples of Timebus tickets showing route number (left or above) or date (right or below).

The 4 digit ticket number is unique to each ticket, and so could even be used for charity raffles or prize draws on board.

Sample ticket dated 23rd December, class ORD, stage boarded 1