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This table only shows points where our types of bus differ. All are immaculate, and feature comfortable seating, heating when needed, opening windows, and a small luggage storage area near the entrance.

Name Miniature photo Passenger configuration Configuration Features Special requests Speed Age Number in our fleet Availability
Total Seats Seats Upstairs Open platform[Definition: Entrance area, without doors, towards rear of bus. Leads directly to the staircase on double deckers. Not the same as Open Top.] and conductor[Definition: Second crew member, alongside driver of bus. Looks after passenger safety, timekeeping, customer care, issuing any Souvenir Tickets. Always provided on Open Platform vehicles carrying passengers.] Open top[Definition: Roofless upstairs. Not the same as Open Platform.] Public address system[Definition: Hand held microphone connected to speakers throughout bus interior.] Servery[Definition: Counter top located inside near bus entrance, useful for preparing drinks and snacks on.] Hand luggage storage areas Cruising, mph (km/h) Year built
Photo 64 or 72 36 or 40 Yes   Yes     Yes 40 (64) 1959- 1966 4 All year
Photo 57 32     Yes   Yes   50 (80) 1966- 1967 2 All year
Photo 60 36 Option Yes Yes Yes   Yes 40 (64) 1960 1 Apr to Oct
Photo 39 Single deck     Yes       40 (64) 1953 1 Apr to Oct
Photo 53 27 Yes         Yes 35 (56) 1952 1 Summer