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Stepping into this bus...

Radiator grille of MXX 223 Downstairs interior

... is stepping back in time

Open platform entrance

Regent Low Height

This attractive vehicle is the 'flagship' of our fleet.

Built by AEC and Weymann in 1952 to a design one foot lower than other double deckers, it was able to pass under lower bridges than usual. A cosy and unusual interior layout was also created, including rows of four seats together in the upper saloon.

The interior has been fully restored with all original features, including new moquette upholstery, leather seat edging and varnished wooden trimming. Up to 53 passengers may be carried.

Numbered RLH 23, this type of vehicle was never built in large numbers, and is now very rare. It has been lovingly preserved for longer than its career with London Transport.

There is an open platform [Definition: Entrance area, without doors, towards rear of bus. Leads directly to the staircase on double deckers. Not the same as Open Top.] and a conductor is always provided; for passengers' safety, comfort and convenience. Unlike coaches and limousines which are crewed by a driver only, the conductor is always available during the journey.

Our nostalgic, beautiful vehicle is popular for those very special occasions.

Conductress ringing bell
Parked in Oxford Headlamp

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Regent Low Height; offside front view Bonnet

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