There have been a number of RLH bus models or model kits produced over the years, so far all have been at 1/76 scale (similar to 'OO' gauge on model railways). This page also takes a look at a couple of related products; bus garages and transfers for customisation. Keen modellers interested in detail improvements may also be interested in the Technical Specification area of this site.

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Exclusive First Editions (EFE)

EFE launched a fully finished metal RLH model at 1/76 scale in January 2008. The design, detail and finish are all excellent; this model is highly recommended.

Models released:

Code Fleet no. Livery Route Nearside Advert Offside Advert Released date Notes
34201 RLH 74 Central 230 BEA Vernons 2008-01 See pic below
34202 RLH 31 Country 462C Green Line Green Line 2008-07
34202A RLH 32 Country 462 BOAC Pearl Assurance 2008-10 Special limited edition for Cobham Bus Museum 2008
34203 RLH 8 Samuel Ledgard Horsforth via White Cross None None 2008-08
34203A RLH 8 Samuel Ledgard Horsforth via White Cross 1998- 2008 Ten Years of the Samuel Ledgard Society None 2009-01 Special limited edition of 200
34204 RLH 29 Central 178 Ty-Phoo Tea Red Rover bus ticket 2009-01
34204A RLH 53 Central 230 Vernons Dulux 2013-04 Special limited edition of 360 for London Bus Museum 2013
34205 RLH 22 Country 248 Evan Williams CIS Insurance 2008-06
34205A RLH 42 Country 336 BR/LT Party Outings BR/LT Party Outings 2011-09 Special limited edition for LT Museum
34207 ONU 633 Midland General C2 None None 2014-10
EFE Model of RLH 74

the Little Bus Company

The Little Bus Company of Halifax launched a resin model RLH kit at 1/76 scale (4mm) in December 2001, but the models were out of stock by 2002. The kit was code RLH1 and is pictured below as purchased, as component parts and with the main body pressed into one piece, without finishing or painting.

Kit of parts Main body


NewAnbrico produced a 1/76 scale white metal kit RLH as kit number 19, until the 1980s. Examples can still be found secondhand. See also entry for Key Kits (below).

Key Kits

Key Kits ( were the mail order department of ABS Models of Poole, but are no longer trading as of 2020. In 2006 they sold a 1/76 scale (4mm) metal model RLH kit which had code R310 in the ABS Streetscene Series and was believed to be either based on, or a re-issued version of, the Anbrico kit (above).

Kingsway Models

Kingsway Models produce cardboard kits to build your own models of London Transport bus garages, at 1/76 scale. The following RLH garages were available as at December 2009: GD, RG, MA, WY, AL, HD, RD.


NewLBRT still (as of June 2020) produce replacement transfers such as different destination blinds for 1/76 scale RLH models here.

From about 2001 until 2016 they also sold batches of 'Code 3' reworked EFE RLH models, usually for special events or commissions. A full list can be found at, the RLHs shown are as follows:

Code Fleet no. Livery Route Nearside Advert Offside Advert Released date Notes
CBR083 RLH 44 Country 428 OMO (washing powder) Suncrush 2008-04 Edition of 150 for Country Bus Rallies East Grintstead running day
CBC2 RLH 28 Country 336 Baptist Church at Chenies Baptist Church at Chenies 2008 Edition of 150 for Chenies Baptist Church
UK01 RLH 27 Country 230 Green Line route 727 Ty-Phoo (tea) 2008 Edition of 75+ for UK Transport Book Bargains
AM08 RLH 48 Country 353 Mac's No.1 National Savings 2008-10 Edition of 150 for ADMBS Amersham running day
UX09 RLH 3 Country 305 Beer News Chronicle 2009-06 Edition of 150 for ADMBS Uxbridge running day
BB01 RLH 35 Country Horsted Keynes Stn Bluebell Special Green Rover CWS Co-operative 2009-07 Edition of 100 for a Bluebell Railway fair

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