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RLH 71

rlh71kv-g-w/jpg June 2013

Northfleet, Kent

Next to RLH 69

Photo copyright K. Valla

April 2012

With the London Bus Company in the UK, along with RLH 69

040-c-m-w/jpg April 2012

Liverpool docks

After re-patriation to the UK along with RLH 53 (right hand side of picture) and RLH 69.

Photo copyright M. Weeks

September 2011

Sold to the London Bus Company. Awaiting export from the USA to the UK.

71-2010/jpg January 2010


Newly restored and repainted with white roof

Photo by S. McFadden

May 2008
Restoration nearly completed in Oregon
03620.jpg March 2007 (centre)

Sold, along with RLH 69 and 71. About to be moved to Oregon.

Photo by M. Walton

photo May 2005

same location as below (with RLH 69 and 53)

Photo by, and used with permission of, Bob Martin

photo October 2001

Murrieta, California, USA (with RLH 69 and 53)

Photo by David Humphrey

photo October 2001

Murrieta, California, USA

Photo by David Humphrey

photo October 2001

Murrieta, California, USA

Photo by David Humphrey

North County Times newspaper article from 2001 about RLH 53, 69 and 71 in Murrieta (link last updated 2018-03-18)
photo November 1998

Murrieta, California, USA (with RLH 53 and 69)

Photo © E. Pring

photo Summer 1969

on route 248, passing under Low bridge on St.Mary's Lane, Cranham

Photo courtesy of and copyright Gordon Muir

RLH 71 (registration MXX 271) was always a Central area red bus, and during its LT career of nearly 20 years, served at all 4 of the Central area garages which operated RLHs.

According to the official LT record, it was allocated new to Merton on the 11.12.52. It was first overhauled between 13.9.56 and 1.11.56. It was re-allocated to Harrow Weald from 20.8.58, and overhauled twice whilst working from that base (from 16.6.61 to 1.9.61 and 28.10.65 to 16.12.65). Another change of garage on 1.3.66 took it to Hornchurch, when the photo above was taken. After being stored out of use from 19.9.70 to 1.2.71, it enjoyed a final two month run from Dalston.

The bus was withdrawn on 17.4.71. It was exported (perhaps with the non-authentic route 11 blinds in the apertures) to a museum 'the Hill Country Wagons to Wings Collection', Morgan Hill, California, USA in January 1972 along with RLH 53 and RLH 69 (for the next 40 years, those three buses stayed together).

In November 1993, it was sold at auction to a gentleman who wished to use them on a proposed tour of the Murrieta Temecula valley. The tour did not go ahead and the buses remained in a back yard for nearly 15 years (see above photos). They retained their original paper interior advertisements and were, in general, perhaps the least modified RLHs in the USA.

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