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Funeral Bus Hire

Timebus close to Mornington Crescent

Our buses are hired for transporting mourners at funeral services by taking part in the funeral cortege. Typically, there may be a procession with a hearse, a limousine carrying close family members of the deceased, and our bus can follow sedately in procession through the streets.

This can provide travel between home or hotel, memorial service, burial service and wake.

A classic red London bus is sometimes chosen to appropriately mark the passing of a loved one whose career was in the industry, such as a bus driver or conductor, or who held a passion for such a vehicle.

At this difficult time for the bereaved, be assured that everyone at Timebus will be sensitive and sympathetic to the occasion.

Timebus at St Pancras & Islington Cemetery

Features of our Service

Timebus at St Marylebone Crematorium

London Venues

Some large London cemeteries we have visited on hire are:

Coffin Carriage

Our Routemaster Express buses are suitable for carrying a casket or coffin.

The coffin is carried with dignity by the undertakers into the lower saloon and laid along the centre line of the bus onto felt covered supports. Floral arrangements can be placed around the coffin.

The undertakers accompany the coffin during the journey. Other passengers travel upstairs, where there are 32 seats available.

We would need to check the dimensions of the coffin in advance.