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Timebus uses RISC OS computers in the office. This mostly British designed operating system resides primarily in ROM, meaning it is less likely to be corrupted, and is fast to boot up.

Examples of Applications we Use

All the applications below will run natively on RISC OS 5, including hardware with an ARMv7 processor.

Downloads for RISC OS

The software in this section is of absolutely no use to computers running Microsoft Windows!

StrongED Mode Developments

Railway Simulations

Widescreen Monitor Definition Files (MDFs)


This is a 32 bit build with a couple of amendments we first made in February 2006 to enable us to use this very simple command line application for converting Draw files into EPS files. We obtained version 0.00 from http://www.see.ed.ac.uk/~pmh/ART/Draw.html (this link is now defunct). It was the only way we could convert RISC OS vector artwork for a sign company, who then use a vinyl cutter to produce signs from the EPS file. We had to convert any fonts to paths first, of course. Don't forget to set the filetype of the resultant file to 'PoScript' (hex FF5). It can then be previewed in !GView, for example.

We also recommend use of the front end !D2EPS by I Logan, in May 2006 available from http://homepages.enterprise.net/iainlogan/, which works with the binary in the below version, will allow you to avoid using the command line, and also filetypes the output automatically.

More Resources