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Railway Simulations

The following are simple games from the mid 1980s written for the BBC Microcomputer (also available for the ZX Spectrum). We have converted them to RISC OS applications, including transcribing and updating the documentation into HTML help files.

The applications rely on two free utilities from the ARM Club: Graphical Task Windows (!Graphtask must have been seen by the filer) and the Windopen module (in the System:Modules directory, used to prevent multiple instances of !Graphtask starting up, one with each application).

Tested on RISC OS 5 on an Iyonix PC and a Titanium motherboard (but expected to work on RISC OS 4).

To exit the games use the ESCAPE key until the program has finished (star prompt displayed). If you just close the Graphical Task window instead of quitting properly, the keyboard auto-repeat may remain switched off for all applications.

We believe all these titles were originally by Dee-Kay Systems. We have been unable to find current contact details for this organization, or the name of anyone involved. We have searched the Patent Office trademarks database, and Companies House lists past and present, with no results. Despite this, if an original author of this software comes to light and wishes the software removed from this site, please contact us and we will do so.

If anyone has copies of other titles in this range (Network Exeter, Network Waterloo?), we would be pleased to obtain these.

There is a more advanced and recent railway control simulation called !Rail28 for RISC OS, however this does not appear to be 32 bit compatible.