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Timebus 20

Timebus celebrated twenty years in business with a running day based in the Harrow area on Sunday 7th October 2007.

Timebus Travel was established in October 1987, and grew from operating just our Regent Low Height to a fleet of twelve historic London buses. These are used on private hire work, mostly in London. A variety of these fully PSV licensed vehicles were available to sample at our anniversary event, staffed by our professional crews, who also issued paper Gibson tickets.

The bus services were free of charge, re-creating historic and existing numbered routes, and interconnected at several points. Hundreds of passengers, both dedicated enthusiasts and members of the public, were carried between approximately 1030 and 1600 hours. The routes started at Harrow Weald (coded HD) garage:

Line of vehicles at end of event

Vehicles used included Timebus' red Regent Low Height (RLH 23), Silver Routemaster (SRM 7), single deck Regal Four (RF 491), Open Topper with Open Platform (RM 450) and closed top red Routemasters (types seen from left to right in the photograph, right).

Our thanks to: Metroline for kindly allowing use of Harrow Weald garage as a vehicle base, Transport for London for their assistance, and finally our drivers, conductors and controller for their hard work during the event and over the years.

Route 136: Harrow Weald - Harrow-on-the-Hill - South Harrow

Fleet number used: RF 491
Frequency: Hourly
Connections: Harrow Weald/ Harrow Met Stn./ South Harrow (route 140), Headstone (the Goodwill to All) (route 230)

Route 136 was operated by RFs from Harrow Weald garage from 8/66 to 7/71. More historical information.

RF 491 is pictured, right, in Harrow-on-the-Hill whilst re-enacting route 136 in 2006. Photograph by S. Whitelegg

RF 491 in Harrow-on-the-Hill

Route 140: Harrow Weald - South Harrow - Yeading

SRM 7 at Harrow Weald garage

Fleet numbers used: SRM 7, RMA 37, RM 29, RML 2527 (alternating as the day progressed, to give more variety.)
Frequency: 30 minutes
Connections: Harrow Weald/ Harrow Met Stn./ South Harrow (route 136), Harrow & Wealdstone Stn. (route 230)

Route 140 was operated by Routemasters from Harrow Weald garage from 7/78 to 4/83. Historical information.

SRM 7 is pictured alongside a modern equivalent, left, about to commence running on route 140.

Route 230: Rayners Lane - North Harrow - Wealdstone - Kenton - Northwick Park

Fleet numbers used: RLH 23, RM 450
Frequency: 30 minutes
Connections: Headstone (the Goodwill to All) (route 136), Harrow & Wealdstone Stn. (route 140)

Lowbridge route 230 was operated by RLHs from Harrow Weald garage from 12/52 to 6/69. Historical information.

RLH 23 seen, right, at the Northwick Park terminus during the event. Photograph by P. Edgar.

RLH 23 at Northwick Park station

Route 230A: Harrow Weald - Belmont Circle - Kenton - Northwick Park

RLH 23 and RM 450 at Harrow Weald garage

Fleet numbers used: RLH 23, RM 450
Frequency: Garage journeys to/from Harrow Weald, at start and end of event only
Connections: Northwick Park (route 230)

Both vehicles are pictured, left, about to start the morning run.

This page may be updated again with minor improvements. Last update: 2007-10-25 (post event).