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RLHs from East Grinstead Garage

East Grinstead (code EG) was a Country area garage which operated RLHs on the following routes:
Route number Route Miles Low-
Dates of Operation Allocation
424 Reigate (Stn) - Sidlowbridge - Horley - Smallfield - Copthorne - East Grinstead (Stone Quarry Estate) ?? m High 10/1952 - 03/1955 2?
428 East Grinstead (Bus Stn) - Lingfield - Dormansland ?? m High 10/1952 - 03/1955 2?
Green Line 708 East Grinstead - Victoria - Hemel Hempstead. RLHs on Coronation Day only to London. ?? m High 2/6/1953 RLH 45, on Coronation Day Only

Four RLHs were allocated when new to the garage (RLHs 42 to 45). Most of this group of vehicles remained allocated to the garage at any one time until February 1955, after which only RLH 33 was retained, until October 1957 (a graph of the allocation can be viewed here).

1952-11-02-ac/jpg November 1952
RLH 44 on Route 424
Victoria Road, Horley (outside Dawsons the Grocers)

The bus has either come all the way from Reigate or, more likely, was a swinger terminating at Horley - Masetts Road and turning right at the crossroads to make it's return journey back to East Grinstead after waiting on the stand

Photo copyright, and used with permission, of A. Cross

East Grinstead garage eventually closed on 31st December 1981.
rlh43-eg/jpg RLH 43 at East Grinstead garage, next to an RT

Photo author unknown


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