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Authored for speed of loading, clarity, easy updating and compatibility. No external agencies were used. 95% of the code is written by hand.

Hosted on a Unix or Linux server.

Written and maintained on a RISC OS computer (neither a PC nor an Apple).

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Privacy & Security

Cookies are used only to retain a preference for displaying content in a particular language.

No advertising tracking services are used (unless you choose to like or share a page on social media).

All contact forms transmit data using a secure, encrypted connection (https) with a valid certificate.

Emails from Timebus are sent from the domain timebusmail.co.uk. Emails concerning an existing booking will mention the reservation number in the subject; to help show they are genuine. Please do not email any credit/debit card details (please phone for card payments).

Report Problems

If you encounter any viewing problems, try reloading the page. If the problem continues, please let us know the details along with your browser, browser version number and your device's operating system.