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Route 139 Commemorative Running Day

Sunday 30th March 2008

RM 29 on the last day, 1998 Two Timebus Open Platform Routemasters, with bus conductors, will run a special service over route 139 between Trafalgar Square and West Hampstead on this date. RM 29 was the very last route 139 Routemaster: ten years ago, on 27th March 1998, after which one person operated vehicles took over. The other bus running, RML 2310, also used to work on route 139 right from its inception until March 1998.

Route 139 began in March 1992, replacing the northerly section of the route 159, and was operated by London Northern Routemasters between Trafalgar Square, West Hampstead and some services continued on to Golders Green. These were based at Chalk Farm garage, although when that closed in July 1993, the allocation moved to Holloway. Under the privatisation of London Transport, operation of the route passed to MTL London in October 1994.

A decade ago, RM 29 was running with a worn out AEC engine and tatty original interior (as seen on the last day photo, above, by A. Cornish), but since then the bus has been totally modernized and improved.

Timetable: West Hampstead - Baker Street - Trafalgar Square

Connections to the daily Routemaster heritage routes 9 and 15 can be made at Trafalgar Square, from where the London Transport Museum is also a short walk.

Fleet number'2310'29'2310'29'2310'29'2310'29
West Hampstead West End Green10301107120212521352143915391627
Abbey Road Belsize Road10361115121013001400144715471635
Baker Street Station10451124121913091409145615561644
Portman Square10501129122413141414150116011649
Oxford Circus Stop OE10561135123313231423151016101658
Piccadilly Circus11011140124013301430151716171705
Trafalgar Square11081147124713371437152416241712

Fleet number'2310'29'2310'29'2310'29'2310'29
Trafalgar Sq. Cockspur St. Stop T11241206130613531453154116411731
Piccadilly Circus11291213131314001500154816481738
Oxford Circus Stop OR11341220132014071507155516551745
Portman Square11401227132714141514160217021752
Gloucester Place, Dorset Square11441232133214191519160717071757
Abbey road Belsize Road11531241134114281528161617161806
West Hampstead West End Green12001250135014371537162517251815

Don't forget: British Summer Time begins on this date.

Terms and Conditions

These services are provided free of charge by Timebus with PSV licensed and insured vehicles, however, they are not part of the London Buses network.

Passenger admission cannot be guaranteed. Services are subject to traffic conditions and vehicle availability.
Please be careful when boarding or alighting from these open platform buses.
Please do not eat, drink or smoke on board. Photographers, please do not cause delays!

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