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Differences between First and Second Batches

First Batch
(RLH 1-20)
Second Batch
(RLH 21-76)
Date built Early 1950 Late 1952
Chassis Type AEC Regent III 9612E AEC Regent III 9613E
Radiator coverChromeAluminium
Cab switch and control panelsSimms bank of 6 toggle switches and fuses, next to starter switch. Simms control unit with toggle switches and plunger offside of driver's seat.Bank of LT style heavy duty switches/fuses next to starter switch. CAV dynamo control unit only offside of driver's seat.
Compressor air intake, in cab, below driver's seatWestinghouse air filter and anti-freezer unit (alcohol reservoir)Simple LT style felt filter
Chassis length26ft 0in26ft 7+ 5/16 in
Turning Circle (official)60ft57ft
Body Offside rear corner lower panel1-piece2-pieces with horizontal beading between
'Used Tickets' bin on platform bulkheadBuilt into panelSeparate box bolted onto panel, LT style
Rear direction indicatorsNone when new
Later, fitted like RM, with separate lamp either side of advert panel
None when new
Later, 'double arrow' fitted into same panel as number plate
Horn position, hung from canopy above engineCloser to front of busFurther back
Driver's front opening air vent flap below windscreenYesNo
Ventilators on upper deck roofYesNo
Interior seat frame topsChromeAluminium
Saloon lightingControlled from cabControlled by conductor, under stairs

photo RLH 16 in August 1950

Bromley North Station, terminus of route 410

This first batch RLH is seen when only a month old. The three roof ventilators can be seen on top along the offside

Photo copyright, and used with permission of, David Simpson

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