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Associated Equipment Corporation (AEC) began in 1910 and was registered in 1912, as the vehicle manufacturing arm of the London General Omnibus Company (LGOC).

From a factory in Walthamstow (previously owned by the Vanguard Company), buses were designed and made.

Petrol vehicles manufactured: X-type (1909), B-type (1910), K-type (1915), S type (1915), NS type, trolleybuses, LS (1927), Guy 6-wheeler, Reliance, ST Regent (double deck), Regal (single deck), LT Renown (1929, 3 axle double deck)

Diesel vehicles manufactured: LT, Q-type, STL, RT, Regent III

Vehicles initially carried LGOC on the radiator tank, but from 1912 to the end of the Company, all vehicles for London were badged AEC.

AEC and Daimler sold their vehicles through the same channels from 1912 to 1928.

In 1926 the works moved to Southall.

A trademark 'ALCO' was made for vehicles supplied to South America, to avoid confusion with the German company AEG.

In 1926 the LT Bullseye motif was devised, such badges carrying the name 'AEC' for vehicles outside London or 'General' for the capital.

Because AEC's owner, the Underground Electric Railway Company, was due to become part of London Transport in 1933, AEC became independent.

During World War Two, AEC bus production stopped temporarily.

From 1948 a new holding firm, Associated Commercial Vehicles (ACV), included AEC but also Crossley and Maudslay which AEC had in effect taken over. Park Royal and Roe also joined in 1949.

The company made trucks, trolleybus and bus chassis for operators throughout the UK in the 1950s, but was always the preferred source for London Transport - including of course the RLHs.

Thornycroft was merged in during 1961.

Leyland acquired ACV in 1962, but the AEC brand continued. Leyland was nationalised in 1975 (by the then British Leyland, now heavily involved in car making). The former AEC factory at Southall closed in May 1979. Leyland's remaining commercial vehicles arm was purchased by DAF in 1986.

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