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Lockheed 'torpedo' Routemaster accumulators

Available for sale from: 21st February 2024 Accumulators

£150+VAT the pair

This pair would be ideal for a Routemaster owner or operator, with at least 1 bus fitted with the non-collared type already, to acquire as spares and have overhauled so they are ready for use.

Include valves: non-return valve on one, cut-out valve on the other. Do not include: Schrader valves or valve caps.

Important: these accumulators are the non-collared type. If you have a Routemaster whose accumulators look similar but have a screw-on collar over each end of the cylinder (being the OEM style for Routemasters fitted with Lockheed accumulators from new), do not use these ones on it, as the fixings and the pipework threads on the valves are believed to be different. Only use on a Routemaster if you already have the non-collared type fitted.

Sold as seen. These examples are believed to have come used from a Routemaster converted to static use, and will need to be overhauled (Hebble Hydraulics of Huddersfield can repair cylinders and fit new piston rings/seals) before use.

This type of hydraulic over air brake accumulator was believed used originally on London Transport Leyland Titans, but were removed from them decades ago. The Titans were converted to air brakes, whilst the accumulators were cut down and re-used to convert a batch of AEC Routemasters (which originally had Clayton football type accumulators fitted) to have the more popular Lockheed make.

Collection only. From South Mimms, Herts. Please telephone - 01727 866248

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