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Covid19 (Coronavirus) Update

Published on:

We appreciate that Covid19 has created a most difficult period to be planning family occasions. The combination of government social distancing advice, travel restrictions from abroad and the self-isolation of certain groups of people has meant we are receiving many enquiries from customers concerning their options for existing bookings this Summer.

Under the circumstances we are offering to cancel booked bus hires and transfer all the amount paid to a new reservation, without any fee.

Our sales staff would be pleased to discuss availability of dates and new hire details. Price may differ, but only as governed by our normal tariff for the new date. The only thing we'd need concerning this, is to receive a month's notice before the new date, so we have time to plan for it.

When customers are certain of new arrangements (which could be many months away if needed), we'd ask them to complete another booking application (available online) with the agreed details.

Customers must confirm by email/letter if they wish to cancel, and the above offer can then apply.

Over the next few days we will contact customers who had already enquired about the subject before this policy was released. Please keep a look out on this page for any future announcements.