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Bespoke Interior Bus Decoration

Our resident, qualified florist can usually arrange various kinds of custom designed interior decoration as an additional service. This page presents a small portfolio of her work.

Please note that our florist can also arrange decoration as a free service for Christmas or to celebrate weddings or partnerships.

Click/touch below photos to enlarge.

We have a selection of realistic silk flower bouquets and garlands which can be hired, saving the expense of purchasing these items permanently. These can include a fragrance.
Example themes:
  • Sunflower - bold yellow garlands
  • Sweet Pea - delicate pastel posies
  • Ivy - winding trails with your choice of ribbon colour
Routemaster upper saloon interior, with blue and pink decorations
Balloons, streamers and ribbons (such as those illustrated here) can be provided.
Fresh flowers may also be arranged, many of which release beautiful, natural scents.
When the bus is no longer required, arrangements can be detached and taken into your venue, or home, for continued enjoyment.
This example shows our Open Topper with Open Platform bedecked with rosettes, banners and drapes in USA colours

Other possibilities include message banners for birthdays or anniversaries.

Please specify 'Bespoke Interior Decoration' to request a quotation or further discussion concerning any of these services.