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Timetable from Summer 1962

Route 230 Rayners Lane Stn. - Wealdstone - Kenton - Northwick Park Stn.

Via Imperial Drive, Rayners Lane, Village Way East, Imperial Drive, Station Road, Parkside Way, Headstone Gardens, Headstone Drive, Wealdstone High Street, Masons Avenue, Christchurch Avenue, Kenton Lane, Kenton Road, Rushout Avenue (return via Northwick Avenue).

RAILWAY STATIONS SERVED OR NEAR: Rayners Lane, North Harrow, Harrow & Wealdstone, Kenton, Northwick Park.

Service interval: MONDAY to FRIDAY 5-9 minutes (evening 10-11 minutes); SATURDAYS 9-11 minutes (afternoon 7-8 minutes); SUNDAY 20 minutes (afternoon 13-14 minutes). The intervals between buses may be longer in the early morning and late evening.

First busesLast busesFirst busesLast busesFirst busesLast buses
RAYNERS LANE Station6.3111.711.326.3111.711.328.2811.011.33
North Harrow Station6.3411.1011.356.3411.1111.368.3111.311.36
Parkside Way Headstone Gardens6.3811.1411.396.3811.1511.408.3411.711.40
Kodak Worksnote f6.4011.1611.41note f6.4011.1711.42note f8.3611.911.42
Headstone Drive High Street6.196.4211.1811.436.196.4211.1911.448.248.3811.1111.44
Christchurch Avenue Kenton Lane6.256.4811.24note t6.256.4811.26note t8.308.4411.18note t
NORTHWICK PARK Station6.316.5411.306.316.5411.328.368.5011.24
NORTHWICK PARK Station6.3411.411.326.3411.411.328.3811.611.26
Christchurch Avenue Kenton Lanenote f6.4111.1111.39note f6.4111.1111.39note f8.4511.1311.33
Headstone Drive High Street6.156.4711.1711.456.156.4711.1811.458.118.5111.2011.40
Kodak Works6.176.4911.19note t6.176.4911.20note t8.138.5311.22note t
Parkside Way Headstone Gardens6.196.5111.216.196.5111.228.158.5511.24
North Harrow Station6.236.5511.256.236.5511.268.188.5811.28
RAYNERS LANE Station6.266.5811.286.266.5811.308.219.111.31
f - from Harrow Weald L.T. Garage
t - to Harrow Weald L.T. Garage

Transcribed from Summer 1962 public timetable thanks to A. Chilcott.

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